“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

This documentary takes a look behind the scenes at Mexico’s drug mafia. Along the way, it uncovers a dangerous yet often-overlooked group of actors – the lawyers. What role do they play in the cartel system?
The film delves into the dark world of organized crime, a world that thrives on money, corruption and fear. A key part of this world? Lawyers. 
Cartels enforce their rules with terror. But cartels have also developed a highly efficient legal defense system, overseen by experienced “narco-lawyers”. Indeed, these lawyers are the cornerstone of a complex legal system surrounding narco-trafficking. They embody the interplay between the drug trade and local legal, political and financial structures. 
This film offers a glimpse into the world of drug lawyers. How do they use their legal knowledge and connections to protect the interests of the drug cartels?  What is their motivation? What about their integrity? Lawyers in Mexico, Colombia and the U.S. provide insights into a ruthless reality. International experts from INTERPOL, UN advisors and local journalists also have their say.