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Daily Mail: Fire ‘involving URANIUM’ breaks out at Tennessee National Security Complex where America’s first atom bomb was developed, forcing evacuation of 200 staffers 

* The Oak Ridge complex was home to the Manhattan Project for research and development during World War II 

* An NNSA spokesperson confirmed that the fire started at 9.15am at the federal facility 

* Authorities confirmed that the material involved in the fire was a metal compound of uranium. 

A fire ‘involving uranium’ broke out at a National Security Complex in Tennessee with all staff being evacuated from the site. 

The National Nuclear Security Administration said that an emergency response responded to the blaze on Wednesday morning at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge. 

All of their 200 employees were accounted for, with other buildings next to the site being evacuated as a precaution.  

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Update #1: Fire at Y-12 contained; no injuries, contaminations reported (AP)

Update #2: Fire contained at Tennessee uranium processing facility, nuclear safety officials say (USA Today)  

WNU Editor: I only learned about this news story last night. You would think that a fire at a National Security Complex that processes nuclear materials would be front page news everywhere. But it was not.