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An attack against members of the Mexican Army left three soldiers dead.

  • Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

An attack against members of the Mexican Army left three soldiers dead and at least three others wounded in the municipality of Teocaltiche. Subsequently, there were road blockades and a monster vehicle was seized. As a result of these events, security was reinforced, despite the fact that federal and state authorities have maintained a permanent presence in the municipality since September.

The personnel of the Secretariat of National Defense were conducting a surveillance tour of the Nochistlán crossroads when the attack by members of organized crime, who were traveling aboard three vehicles with handmade armor, took place.

Federal sources confirmed to this newspaper that the investigation mentions that three members of the Secretariat of National Defense were killed during the aggression.

Ricardo Sánchez Beruben, Strategic Coordinator of Security in the entity, assured that the situation was controlled in a short time and that it is the Attorney General’s Office that will carry out the investigations.

“What is confirmed is an aggression early now. Unfortunately, at one of the junctions known as Perchero de Nochistlan, which is one of the junctions that goes towards the exit to Zacatecas, military personnel suffered an aggression.

He also confirmed two blockades at different points in the municipality of Teocaltiche, whose vehicles were removed before noon.

“There was also talk of two blockades, which were also removed immediately. In one of the blockades, it was one of the vehicles that we presume could have been used by members of organized crime, since it had these adaptations – it was a pickup truck – with these adaptations that are given in the box to have holes or loopholes to carry out the detonations. The situation is reported to be completely normalized”.

This monster type vehicle was secured by the state authorities and placed at the disposal of the federal authorities.

He said that in this case, as well as in some others, the blockades are carried out to prevent the arrival of the troops and the escape of the perpetrators.

For its part, the Secretary of State Security reported that it secured a vehicle with handmade armor.


In order to flee, members of a criminal group set up a blockade on the San Juan de los Lagos-Jalostotitlán highway at kilometer 55, in San Juan de los Lagos, where a RAM type pickup truck with armor was left blocking the traffic, which was set on fire.

Another blockade was set up on the Jalostotitlán-Teocaltiche highway, at kilometer 30, in the municipality of Teocaltiche, where a green Kenwort Torton truck with Aguascalientes license plates, carrying bananas, was abandoned in the area.

This is the second time this week that criminals have blocked highways after confrontations. On Thursday, criminals also crossed vehicles on the highway to escape.


Following these events, the State Security Secretariat (SSE) deployed operative personnel to the municipality of Teocaltiche to reinforce security and assist personnel from the National Defense Secretariat stationed at the Ninth Infantry Battalion Control Post, which is located at the entrance to the town.

The state helicopter was also sent to provide aerial surveillance in the area.


Since September 29, the Secretary of State Security and the Secretary of National Defense took control of security in Teocaltiche and intervened in the Public Security Police Station. Since then, there had only been one confrontation, on October 20, in which a 3-year-old girl was killed.

In addition, in the days following the takeover of the municipality’s security, the police located four clandestine monitoring centers used by criminal groups to monitor their movements and an explosives factory in the shape of a medieval castle.

This is one of the municipalities that, due to its geography, is in dispute between the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation and the Sinaloa Cartel.


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On X Juan Carlos Mungía shared the following videoThis is how they attacked the elements of the SEDENAmx (Mexican Army) in the limits of Nochistlán and TEOCALTICHE, which left the balance of 3 elements of the army dead.” 
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