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Reuters: Blinken warns China’s Wang Yi against aiding Russia in Ukraine, article with video 

MUNICH (Reuters) -U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Saturday warned top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi of consequences should China provide material support to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying in an interview after the two met that Washington was concerned Beijing was considering supplying weapons to Moscow. 

The top diplomats of the two superpowers met at an undisclosed location on the sidelines of a global security conference in Munich, just hours after Wang scolded Washington as “hysterical” in a running dispute over the U.S. downing of a suspected Chinese spy balloon. 

Relations between the two countries have been fraught since Washington said China flew a spy balloon over the continental U.S. before American fighter jets shot it down on President Joe Biden’s orders. The dispute also came at a time when the West is closely watching Beijing’s response to the Ukraine war.  

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WNU Editor: These diplomats are not on the same page …. Blinken: China’s balloon incursion ‘must never happen again’ (AP) and China’s top diplomat blasts US over ‘hysterical and absurd’ balloon claim (France 24). 

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