Joe Biden had some final moments of confusion before he said good-bye to the G7 after two days in Italy. 


As we reported, according to sources at the G7, Biden was “losing focus” and was the “worst he has ever been.” That’s saying something. He even did some weird head touching thing to Pope Francis that had everyone talking. I think it’s safe to say that isn’t the normal way to greet the Pope, but that’s Joe Biden. At least he didn’t appear to sniff him. 

More Disturbing Reports From G7 About Biden ‘Losing Focus’

Biden Meets With Pope Francis at G7, Has Bizarre Moment Everyone Is Talking About

Biden left on Friday to get back for a glitzy fundraiser in Los Angeles. He had Hunter’s children Naomi and Maisy, as well as Naomi’s husband with him as they boarded Air Force One. 

I’m not sure what happened to Hunter’s other child, Finnegan. We saw Finnegan boarding the plane with her grandfather to go to Italy. 

But what was odd, given Joe Biden’s obsession with Ukraine, was that while some of the other leaders were then going to be heading to a peace summit about Ukraine, Biden blew that off to go to the fundraiser, sending Kamala Harris instead to the summit. Now, if he cared about ending the war, rather than just funneling millions in weapons there, you would think he would be there. Priorities – that shows them right there. The most important thing to him is holding onto power. 


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That’s liable to tick off Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky who said last month that he wanted him there and that Putin would applaud if he wasn’t there. Surprisingly, that didn’t move Biden, who usually seems to give Zelensky everything he wants. 

Not only is former President Donald Trump leading in the polls, but he has to have the Biden team losing their minds now too over how much money he’s pulling in, particularly after the verdict in his Manhattan trial. Trump is now hauling in bigger numbers than Biden. 

He outpaced Biden’s New York event in April, raking in $50.5 million at a gathering of major donors at the Florida home of billionaire investor John Paulson. The former president’s campaign and the Republican National Committee announced they had raised a whopping $141 million in May, padded by tens of millions of dollars in contributions that flowed in after Trump’s guilty verdict in his criminal hush money trial. 

That post-conviction bump came after Trump and the Republican Party announced collecting $76 million in April, far exceeding Biden and the Democrats’ $51 million for the month and narrowing a fundraising advantage Biden built earlier in the race. 


While Biden may have Hollywood liberals, Trump is grabbing business people who have seen how bad it is under Biden, and that’s adding up to a lot of money. Trump also got a ton of money from individual Americans who were ticked off at the political nature of the lawfare against him, and they’re saying it with their wallets. That’s the biggest thing Joe Biden has to worry about from this money haul because that’s the enthusiasm gap and what’s ultimately likely to crush him in the election.