Last Updated on August 14, 2023

45th President Donald J. Trump invited Laura Loomer to his box during an LIV Golf Tournament being played at Trump’s Bedminster Course over the weekend. Loomer has been critical in exposing Ron DeSantis’ globalist agenda.

In a video that has been viewed over a million times on X (formerly Twitter), Trump told Loomer, “It is great to have you, you have really been very special, you work hard and You are a very opinionated lady I have to tell you that and in my opinion, I like that. I appreciate all your support. Thank you, Laura.”

Following her visit, Loomer posted an inspirational message on X, writing, “Thank you. President Trump inspires me to never give up.”

“‘Never ever ever give up. You can change and move around but NEVER ever give up.’ — Donald Trump”

“I told him this is what inspired me to always keep fighting now matter how much I’m attacked or how much is taken from me.”

Loomer has played a critical role in Ron DeSantis’ collapsing poll numbers. In early July, Loomer released audio that leaves little doubt that Ron DeSantis’ Communications Director, Bryan Griffin, is running a pro-DeSantis burner account on the X platform by the name of Max Nordau.

In July, Loomer exposed California and Florida GOP’s plan to rig their primaries in DeSantis’ favor. Loomer’s work in California forced the California GOP to change their primary rules, which would have awarded DeSantis a large number of delegates for a second-place finish.

Loomer also exposed high-level DeSantis staffer’s anti Trump hate and pro globalist policies. GOP voters would have no idea about DeSantis’ pro warmongering ideas if it were not for Loomer.

In Iowa, Loomer has shown Bob Vander Plaats and Steve Deace’s true globalist colors. Loomer highlighted the FEC records showing DeSantis’ Never Back Down Pac contributed mass amounts of money to Mr. Plaats’ organizations prior to Plaat’s embracement of DeSantis.

Going forward, Loomer will certainly play a critical role in exposing the globalist forces threatening President Trump and the America First Movement.