Last Updated on January 5, 2023

A Donald Trump spokeswoman excited Trump supporters after she retweeted a video of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) throwing the former president’s name in the ongoing House Speaker election.

Liz Harrington, a longtime Trump spokeswoman, retweeted the clip of Gaetz just an hour after the Florida congressman made his comments in the House chamber.

While a non-legislator has never been elected to serve as the House Speaker, the Constitution does allow ordinary citizens to be nominated and elected.

Rep. Gaetz proudly nominated and voted for Trump on the eighth ballot and ninth, before voting for Rep. Bob Hern (R-OK) on the tenth.

Video of Gaetz nominating Trump can be watched below:

Rep. Gaetz recently called Trump’s support of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) speakership bid “sad.”

Supporting McCarthy is the worst Human Resources decision President Trump has ever made. Sad!,” Gaetz posted on Twitter.

“This changes neither my view of McCarthy, nor Trump, nor my vote [for Speaker],” Gaetz added in a Wednesday statement.

The Florid rep. has led a group of growing McCarthy defectors, as they continue to stifle McCarthy’s chances at wielding the Speaker’s gavel.

The House Speaker race has not lasted past one ballot, let alone ten, since 1923.

Following Gaetz’s Trump support, high-profile right-wingers Steve Bannon and General Michael Flynn echoed a call for a Trump speakership.

National File previously reported:

The proposal, while seen by many as a long shot, has indeed received support from a number of key conservative figures, including former Trump White House strategist and War Room host Steve Bannon.

“It’s all about money and power. That’s why right now we have to stand up and say ‘no, it can’t be McCarthy. If it can’t be McCarthy, then who’s it gonna be?’” Bannon said Thursday.

“My vote, is Trump. Bring him in for 100 days, let’s start the negotiations, let’s do the debt ceiling, spend less. Get it up front, do it now. Let’s lance the boil, let’s get down to what’s really important and stop playing games.”

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