FILE – US forces host a range day with the Danab Brigade in Somalia, May 9, 2021. 

DNYUZ/New York Times: U.S. Commandos Advise Somalis in Fight Against Qaeda Branch 

BALEDOGLE, Somalia — The promise and perils of America’s counterterrorism campaign were on full display at a remote training base in central Somalia.

It was graduation day for 346 recruits who would join an elite Somali commando unit trained by the State Department, advised by U.S. Special Operations forces, and backed by American air power. 

Since last August, the unit, called Danab, has spearheaded a string of Somali army victories against Al Shabab, an Islamist terrorist group that is considered the deadliest of Al Qaeda’s global branches.  

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WNU Editor: The US military is also actively involved in other African countries …. U.S. Special Forces Launch Counter-Terrorism Drills With African Armies (Reuters).  

Update: Here is an interesting read from Rolling Stone …. How Many More Governments Will American-Trained Soldiers Overthrow? (Rolling Stone). 

It appears that the US record of training African soldiers has caused more problems than solutions …. 

 …. There have been at least seven coups led by soldiers who trained with Americans forces in Africa in recent years and the security situation only seems to be getting worse.