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Daily Mail: A shot over China’s bows? Incredible moment Air Force breaks ship IN HALF with a single 2,000 pound ‘quicksink’ bomb dropped by F-15E Strike Eagle with ‘torpedo-like’ accuracy 

* The bomb, a JDAM, tested in the video is called the Quicksink because of the rate at which it sinks ships 

* The JDAM is a relatively inexpensive way to convert unguided bombs into all-weather precision-guided munitions 

* An F-15E Strike Eagle fighter launched the modified bomb, successfully striking the target by detonating a GPS-navigated bomb underneath the vessel 

Recently released footage shows the decimation of a cargo ship by a 2,000 pound Joint Direct Attack Munition dropped by the Air Force from an F-15E Strike Eagle. 

In the roughly one-minute video taken last April, an old, derelict cargo ship – the Courageous – is seen floating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Moments later a JDAM approaches from above and the Courageous is literally lifted out of the water and split in half, as waves begin to crash on the decks.  

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Update: Watch the Air Force sink a ship very quickly (Popular Science) 

WNU Editor: That cargo ship did not have a chance.