The Pentagon is now aiming to boost the production of artillery shells by 500% for both its own needs and to keep supplying the Ukrainian army (Picture source: U.S. Army)  

American Military News: US factories ramping up weapons production to meet Ukraine demand  

The U.S. is increasing the production of weapons at some locations that were previously shut down to meet the demands of American military commitments to Ukraine. 

According to some reports, Ukrainian military forces are consuming up to 7,000 artillery rounds per day, pushing the need for new supplies. 

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WNU Editor: There is some confusion on how much US factories will be ramping up weapons production. 

According to Defense News, the U.S. is hoping to eventually ramp up production to roughly 90,000 shells a month …. With demand high in Ukraine, US Army ramps up artillery production (Defense News) 

According to the US Secretary of the Army, there is an expectation that artillery production will increase according to this timetable …. the U.S. will go from making 14,000 155mm shells each month to 20,000 by later this year and 40,000 by 2025 (Politico)

I find this US weapons production to be pathetic. 

The US is hoping to produce 40,000 shells by 2025. Russia’s military is using anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 shells per day.

As to what is happening on the Russian side for weapons production. The narrative from the Kremlin is that Russia’s defense factories are working around the clock to meet demand …. Russia’s Medvedev says defence factories meeting demand, denies missile shortage (Reuters).