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EurAsian Times: US To Spend ‘Billions Of Dollars’ To Defend Hawaii Through Newly Signed NDAA 2023 Amid Chinese Threats & Muscle Flexing  

To counterbalance China’s attempts at expanding influence in the Pacific, the US is investing billions of dollars in military infrastructure and diplomatic initiatives in Hawaii as part of the massive $1.7 trillion NDAA 2023. Hawaii is home to the US Indo-Pacific Command. 

When US President Joe Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2023 into law last month, the provisions for financing weapon sales to Taiwan attracted the most eyeballs and infuriated China. 

However, Washington’s decision to reinforce, arm, and defend a key Pacific military island, Hawaii, will be keenly watched by Beijing. 

According to a report published in The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the projects to be worked on include a new barrack on Marine Corps Base Hawaii for $87.9 million, an upgrade to the missile storage facilities at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for $103 million, a new company operations facility at Schofield Barracks $111 million, and the planned Army National Guard Readiness Center in Kapolei, which will cost $29 million.  

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WNU Editor: It is going to take more than just spending a few billion dollars to deter China.