Last Updated on February 14, 2023

NFL player Damar Hamlin refused to discuss the cause of his on-field collapse during an interview with ABC’s Michael Strahan, himself a former NFL player. Hamlin’s nationally-televised medical emergency mirrors those seen in athletes and other young people worldwide in the aftermath of the COVID jab roll-out but was quickly explained away by the NFL, corporate media, and their medical associates.

Damar Hamlin collapsed on national television during a January 2nd Monday Night Football game, an event witnessed live by millions of viewers and countless others as it was replayed time and time again on television screens and went viral online. When asked in an interview by Michael Strahan what caused his collapse and near-death experience, Hamlin refused to provide an answer, saying that it’s something he wants to “stay away from.”

“You’re 24, in peak physical condition, can run circles around me right now,” Strahan said to Hamlin. “How did doctors describe what happened to you?”

After taking a moment to ponder, Hamlin replied, “um, that’s something I wanna stay away from.”

Nationally-syndicated TV news host Stew Peters, who has been calling out the jab-mandating NFL for their cover-up of the Hamlin collapse since its immediate aftermath, took to Twitter to blast the interview, and reminded Americans that “we were told exactly what happened to Damar.”

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“And now he doesn’t want to talk about it?” Peters asked. “His ‘non-profit’ got paid,” he Tweeted, referring to the multiple millions of dollars worth of donations that Hamlin’s non-profit received after he collapsed on television, and was thrust into the national discussion.

Like Peters tweeted, shortly after Hamlin’s collapse, the NFL, which mandates the jab among its employees and boasts a more than 98% COVID “vaccination” rate among its players, claimed in conjunction with their associated medical professionals and corporate media outlets that Hamlin’s collapse came as the result of a routine hit to the chest.

The collapse mirrored those seen in other athletes and young people in good health around the world, and those featured in Stew Peters’ recent film, Died Suddenlywhich blew the lid off of the de-population and bioweapon genocide agendas at the heart of COVID-19 and its “vaccines.”

According to some estimates, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died and millions more have been injured by the COVID jabs. Still, the NFL is among the biggest promoters of the “vaccine” and of Big Pharma.

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Hamlin, who was the beneficiary of the prayers of millions of people, has also kicked up controversy in recent days after he wore a jacket to the Super Bowl mocking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and depicting the Nickelodeon cartoon Spongebob hanging from the Cross.

Those who have dared to question Hamlin, his collapse, his fashion choice, and the NFL’s overt idol-worship of him have been derided as racists and conspiracy theorists.