Last Updated on February 18, 2023

Jewish Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn is claiming that banning or simply limiting abortion in Virginia would be an unconstitutional violation of her Jewish “religious liberty” and the religious liberties of “thousands” of other Jews around Virginia.

“Abortion bans are not just dangerous, they are an infringement upon the religious liberty of thousands of Virginians,” Northern Virginia Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn posted to Twitter, including a video of herself defending the abortion industry in the House of Delegates and opposing any legislation that limits even partial-birth abortion and post-birth infanticide, along with the rest of her party.

“I explained on the House floor this morning that Judaism values life and affirms that protecting existing life is paramount,” she added to the tweet.

Throughout her remarks on the House floor, Filler-Corn tried to frame her argument as one of Jewish victimhood on the issue of abortion, claiming that members of America’s majority religion (Christianity), were oppressing Jewish people by attempting to protect unborn children.

Filler-Corn, who was born and raised in New York before becoming the first woman and Jew to serve as Virginia’s Speaker of the House of Delegates, presided over the most radically left-wing period in the history of Virginia’s House of Delegates. At that time, during the term of Democrat Governor and fellow abortion radical Ralph Northam, Democrats not only tried to legalize infanticide but confiscate guns from American citizens.

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After Democrats suffered massive losses in 2021 and control of the House of Delegates was returned to the GOP, Filler-Corn was voted out of party leadership by her fellow Democrats.

In a post made to Twitter, nationally-syndicated TV news host Stew Peters picked up the Filler-Corn comments, and wrote that “this woman, who is Jewish, says that banning abortion violates her religious liberty.”

“I have to take her at her word,” Peters tweeted.

“Apparently Eileen Filler-Corn’s religion is a death cult built on the blood of murdered babies.”

Watch Eileen Filler-Corn’s claim that abortion is a Jewish religious sacrament below: