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Politico described the looming trial of Enrique Tarrio and Joseph Biggs as involving two of the highest-profile prosecutions arising from the events at the US Capitol on Jan 6th, 2021, noting that their trial will drag beyond two years after the date. Tarrio and Biggs are included with three other Proud Boy leaders, who are all facing charges of seditious conspiracy.

Video has emerged from David Sumrall that shows the government will have difficulty making its case against the group.

In June, their case was moved to Dec. 12, 2022, as the date to begin selecting a jury for the trial, which prosecutors anticipate lasting four to six weeks. However, Judge Tim Kelly hinted that the trial might be moved again due to the holidays.

“In order to win a seditious conspiracy case, prosecutors have to prove that two or more people conspired to “overthrow, put down or to destroy by force” the U.S. government or bring war against it, or that they plotted to use force to oppose the authority of the government or to block the execution of a law,” AP news reported late September 2022.

Prosecutors say the Proud Boys played a central role in the attack, mobilizing members of the pro-Donald Trump crowd to converge on key access points that helped overwhelm law enforcement and facilitate the breach of the building. According to a video posted by, however, clearly shows the Proud Boys had no plans on going into the Capitol building or to overthrow the government.

A group has shown video footage of the leader of the Proud Boys and the other most high-profile member who had no plans to enter the US Capitol building on Jan. 6th.

J6Patriot News recalled the proud Boys video:

J6 Patriot news reported with some details they found in the video: “As proven by a video shared by  the evidence is glaring in your face. We hope that the defense will be able to get them exonerated and get natural justice!

When asked by CNN ,“Did the Proud Boys have a plan to go into the Capitol?” Enrique Tarrio responded,“Absolutely not.”

When asked by Bobby Pickles about the J6 Proud Boys Plan, Joe Biggs responded, “We’re gonna _____ get everybody together and kind of – you know cruise around and see what’s going on – kind of get a good feel for the day – find out about what events are happening tonight around the time when the sun starts to go down because we know that’s when antifa likes to go out and start ____ attacking people as they leave – as we saw last night in some areas – so we want to try to go ahead and do as much risk mitigation as we can – find the areas that we need to get located at – and try to uh you know – protect some of these people.”

When asked by Citizen Journalist Pam “Maga Granny” Hemphill, “Are we going inside? I want to go inside.” Ethan Nordean responded, “No, we’re not going inside.”

According to the video, their role that day was to protect the crowd, just as they had done, providing security at the numerous other events in DC during rallies. where average participants responded to National File that they indeed felt ‘protected and safe because of the presence of the Proud Boys in Freedom Square’.

But the government and the corporate press want the public to believe that the Proud Boys were doing something else than protecting the public, and they have spent a lot of time invested in branding the Proud Boys as dangerous terrorists.

David Sumrall, the founder of, and a long-time associate of Proud Boys is also a citizen investigator and he is the only official J6 investigator hired by numerous J6 teams.  Sumrall has seen much of the mysterious 14,000 hrs. of Government footage that has been hidden from the public.

Sumrall is also an expert on footage caught by citizens who participated on that day.  Many people sent footage directly to him beginning the day of the events.

“We had the site set up already on Jan. 6th and knew many of the people involved with the Proud Boys and we asked for citizens to send us footage and tips right away, before anyone else had – so we had a head start on other groups and on the government.  That is where this footage comes from.   We had information about Brian Sicnick that no one else had and about other deaths, and what we have proves the government narrative is not telling the truth,” Sumrall told National File.

Just like the OathKeepers trial, Sumrall expects that the Proud Boy trial won’t be about any evidence because the government doesn’t have any evidence of what they are charging people with. In terms of reaching a guilty verdict, many court watchers believe will be about teams of prosecutors and judges controlling and censoring the information, the witnesses and videos, and using scary words to frighten the jury or to show that people were feeling frightened and needed to seek counseling and other relief.

The following video is from Sumrall’s collection; watch as he deconstructed the Proud Boy footage he had received at his site and gives viewers something to think about with a compilation of lapdog media comments.

Here is his commentary on evidence that the Proud Boys had no plans to go into the Capitol building:

[embedded content]

Sumrall points out that Biggs was videotaped talking about preparing to escort Trump supporters to safety after they had been attacked the evening before and on other occasions as night drew in.

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