Unfortunately, Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) just gave away the Democratic game on Tuesday when it comes to the question of the buoy barricade in the Rio Grande and the fence at our border. She seemed to think the very action of protecting the border is evil in and of itself. This is where the Democrats have come to at this point — they don’t even believe in the basic protections for the defense of our nation.

Listen, as she and Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) describes how evil and inhumane it is just to have barbed wire at the border.

Um, guys? It’s a border. That’s what you have at borders. All over the world.

Imagine what other countries must think of us when they see our supposed leaders exhibiting this silliness. This is why other countries like China think they can roll right over us now and treats us like a toy. Other countries do far more to protect their borders. Some even shoot and/or arrest people who enter illegally. We give folks an “appearance ticket” for three years from now, for a hearing that they probably will never show up for. Then we release them into the interior. But that still isn’t lenient or ridiculous enough for Garcia, Castro, and other Democrats.

Meanwhile, my colleague Jim Thompson wrote about some of the heavily armed folks whom the Democrats seem to think we should just allow to walk right into the country.

If the Democrats truly cared about the people or the country, they would protect the border and not empower the cartels with all the illegal alien trafficking. Democrats are encouraging the abuse of the people and making the cartels rich.

But then, Castro and Garcia went hilariously over the slide when they tried to describe that evil buoy barricade in the water.

Listen as Castro talks about the “chainsaw type device right in the middle of the buoys.”

Then Garcia focuses on the evil “chainsaw” and the true “brutality” of it.

Except that the problem is that they aren’t chainsaws.

And you know the simple way that you avoid them the big, bright easy-to-see barricade? Enter legally and/or at the border crossing points. Funny how that works.

Meanwhile, no one died in these, despite the Democratic lies. The body of one person who drowned upstream floated down to the buoys; that person was not killed by the buoys. But hey, who needs facts when you can spread Democrat talking points to help the narrative?

The Democrats are only upset about things that provide effective protection. They haven’t cared about all the people drowning because of Biden’s open borders. They don’t care about the thousands of missing kids under Biden.

But if you had Trump’s wall that Biden interrupted, and Biden was protecting the border as he is supposed to, you wouldn’t need any of this.

Democrats, with the help of Castro and Garcia, were immediately off to the races with the ridiculous “chainsaw” take, while Republicans were pointing out how this was all about pushing a talking point, not addressing the continuing problem.

This take has to win for the silliest take of the day.

Meanwhile, Townhall’s Julio Rosas, who has done a great job covering the border, let Castro have it with a little reality.