Last Updated on January 4, 2023

In August 2021, months before the Russia-Ukraine war began, the Epstein-CCP wedded ‘Humpty Dumpty Institute’ (HDI) non-profit escorted a U.S. GOP Congressional Delegation, including freshman Alabama Congressman, Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL-02), to a pre-war Ukraine – to meet with none other than Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy.

Along for the ride to the country where Donbass was already in conflict was a cadre of Ukraine-Soros ‘Non-Profits,’ Ukrainian Generals, Ukrainian Arms Dealers, and a Ukrainian Dating-App Founder.

In the closing months of 2022, Rep. Barry Moore stunned constituents in Alabama by his refusal to take questions about his Kiev dealings with President Zelenskyy or on his alleged meetings with the Soros NGOs in Kiev. Moore also refuses to take questions on his position as advisor to the Epstein-CCP partnered ‘Humpty Dumpty Institute,’ and whether this participation aligns with the conservative values of his voters in Alabama.

In-line, Moore has seemingly, and likely purposefully, omitted all references to his Ukraine trip, including the Zelenskyy meeting, from both of his active Social Media accounts, his Press Releases and his monthly Congressional newsletters. In fact, his newsletter dated August 10, 2021 stated that he “looked forward to being back in Sweet Home Alabama for the next several weeks,” though his trip to Ukraine was scheduled for the following day, on August 11, 2021.

Even more oddly, Moore’s recent statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also makes no mention of his recent visit to Kiev, ignoring, among other things, one fairly salient meeting with international man-of-the-moment, President Zelenskyy, puppet of the Azov Battalion chieftain and bona-fide international Zionist mobster, Igor ‘The Chainsaw’ Kolomoisky.

Indeed, and adding to the mask of intrigue, the specific and intimate Moore-HDI meeting with Zelenskyy was not mentioned in HDI’s three post-trip press releases, either. It was omitted despite the delegation’s broader visit being trumpeted by Ukrainian news as “…one of the stages in the preparation of President Zelenskyy’s future trip to the United States.” And they were not lying. Zelenskyy’s visit to the Oval Office occurred the following month, with his infamous greet-Congress-in-a-tracksuit moment shortly thereafter in 2022.

The primary sponsor who paid for the trip was Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI), a non-profit founded by Mark Epstein, and is connected to the CCP-PLA and the State of Israel, which worked with the American Charity Fund for Helping the Children of Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) and Moldova Inc. (ACFHCPM) to bring a U.S. GOP Congressional delegation of Rep. Moore, Rep. Anthony Gonzales (R-TX), and Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) to Ukraine.

The Congressional Delegation sponsor forms were signed by the Humpty Dumpty Institute’s Executive Director, perennial deep-stater and Vatican alum, Joseph Merante. Merante has long been affiliated with HDI’s Mark Epstein and as Waterboy for HDI’s Chinese Communist Party partners in the Taihe Institute and People’s Liberation Army. Prior, Merante served as Chargé D’Affaires, US Embassy to the Holy See (Vatican), and as a US Department of State employee involved in ‘Nazi Gold’ operations, a tangled web along involving Clinton and former World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman Sr., according to declassified State Department archives. Bronfman is the late patriarch of the now disgraced Bronfman family of NXIVM sex trafficking fame.

To wit, the trip was conducted and financed by the murky American Charity for Helping Children of Ukraine and Moldova (also known as American Charity for Helping Children of Pridnestrovie/Transnistria and Moldova Inc, or ACFHCPM), a children’s ‘charity’ which is apparently domiciled and operates out of a nondescript home outside Queens-NY. ACFHCPM is directed by US-based Ukrainian, Olga Morozova, a former employee and/or grantee of both Soros’ Open Society Foundations/Open Society Institutes, USAID, and Rinat Akhmetov, the mercurial MetInvest-Azovstal (embattled Mariupol Steelworks) owner who doubled as Paul Manafort’s infamous benefactor. According to Morozova’s LinkedIn profile, she has a specialization in epidemiology and infectious diseases, along with extensive biolaboratory experience. Her elderly Ukrainian mother, Nina, is listed as the second of three Directors.

The third Director of ACFHCPM is a very little known but apparently very influential Moldovan national, Sam Alaverdov, pictured in Kiev during the August 2021 trip below. National File notes George Soros’ son, Jonathan Soros, is listed as a ‘Private Consultant Specializing in Moldova,” per US government documents.

Sam Alaverdov (left), Director of the murky NY ‘charity,’ ACFHCPM, poses with Rep. Moore confidant, Rep. Nehls, in Kiev, Ukraine.

Putting the presence of Epstein’s CCP-aligned Humpty Dumpty Institute, Soros NGOs, ACFHCPM, to one side for a moment, the US House of Representatives Committee on Ethics Trip Sponsor Forms also indicate another puzzling twist, in the form trip co-sponsor, Noosphere Venture Partners. Noosphere, along with their subsidiary, Noology, are specialists in Ukrainian space technology, counter-drone radar and satellites. Perhaps compelling for newbie neo-con wannabe Barry Moore.

In Kiev, Congressman Moore and HDI also met with Noosphere’s controversial dating app founder, NATO partner and arms manufacturer, Max Polyakov. Polyakov is described by tradecraft journals as “…the man behind US-Ukraine space co-operation,” a collaborator in US-Ukraine armaments manufacturing (co-production, licensed production or sub-contracting for the manufacture of US-origin armaments in Ukraine), and an overtly influential figure in Ukrainian-US defense circles. The Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU), Volodymyr Taftay, was also present, in a meeting described by HDI as of importance for US-Ukraine space co-operation, and regarding a subject matter described separately by President Zelenskyy as critical for Ukraine’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

In a troubling post-trip pattern, HDI gave no meaningful description of Polyakov’s true background, and deceptively framed EOSDA simply as a geospatial data provider for agricultural purposes.

Conversely, like a wartime General as opposed to a tech entrepreneur and agri-data provider, EOSDA/Polyakov ramped up their calls on foreign corporates and governments to provide them with satellite data to fight the war in Ukraine and assist with “…critical insights on the enemy troops’ disposition, relocation and refueling at night.” Fast forward to today, and Polyakov also is playing a leading role in Ukraine’s cyberwarfare realm, as designated by Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Federov, and has even issued public demands and threats to US companies, evoking the specter of the WWII-era CIA-led Operation Paperclip.

Epstein-CCP compatriot, Barry Moore, in his 2014 Alabama mugshot

Moore was charged and acquitted of felony perjury in 2014 when he was an Alabama State Rep. Moore’s mentor is former Chair of the Republican Party of Alabama and convicted felon, Mike Hubbard. Hubbard served four years for felony ethics violations. Ironically, as lightly described immediately below, Moore has teamed up with Epstein’s HDI and a New York law firm to try and gag National File’s reporting and diminish a free press’ First Amendment Rights

Consistent with Barry Moore’s and his team’s steps taken to cover his public tracks, Moore, Nehls, and Gonzales have openly declined and refused to comment on their trip to Ukraine despite numerous sustained requests and formal Question and Answer sets sent to their official House emails since August 2022. Indicatively, Barry Moore went a step further and joined a lawfare style ‘Cease and Desist’ complaint filed by HDI’s New York lawyers in October 2022, which was filed again in December 2022. Epstein’s HDI clearly wish to stifle National File’s groundbreaking reporting on the tangible ties between Epstein’s HDI, rogue, overwhelmingly Democrat elements of US Congress, and the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army through the Taihe Institute. In that vein, and illustratively speaking, National File’s detailed HDI-CCP-PLA-DNC organogram follows below.

Cartography from National File’s Addison Basurto and British Texan Research

HDI took the unusual step of not releasing the names or photographs of its staff participants in follow-up press releases, which is a deviation from past HDI trips and events. Was Mark Epstein acting as the faceless puppet master?

Mark Epstein, Made Man? Recently described by Fox News’ Senior Reporter as a potential “double agent,” Jeff Epstein’s older brother Mark, photographed below with the Humpty Dumpty Institute, has his fingers in many pies as the CCP-PLA aligned HDI’s long-standing Influencer, Director and Financier.

Jeffrey Epstein’s older brother, Mark Epstein (center), surrounded by third world orphans, sits to the left of HDI co-founder, Israeli deep state asset and Netanyahu adviser, Ralph Cwerman.

Epstein’s HDI co-founder, Ralph Cwerman, visits an orphanage

Epstein (second from right) meets with the Chairman of the CCP-PLA’s Taihe Institute, Binge Peng (‘Peng Binge’). Also pictured is Taihe’s Ruby ‘Yuyun’ Wang and HDI Director Cosmo DeNicola. As National File has previously reported, Wang was a Director of HDI alongside Epstein before she jumped ship to their partners at the CCP-PLA’s Taihe Institute

HDI CEO and former Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican, Joseph Merante (far left) stands with HDI Chairman (now Director) and Sudanese national, Al Khalafalla, (center-left) Klaus Schwab and Xi Jinping lackey, WEF Director and Taihe Senior Fellow, Thorsten Jelinek (center-right). Also pictured are a hatted Mark Epstein (second from right) and HDI Directors Steve Ginther (far right) and Morgan DeNicola (second from left).

HDI Chairman Al Khalafalla, HDI Congressional Advisors House Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) and House Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC-11), former United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon (center), HDI Congressional Advisor Payne, HDI Co-Founder and Democratic National Committee (DNC) donor, William Rouhana, and HDI Director and Financier, Mark Epstein, at an HDI meeting on June 24th, 2013.

Mark Epstein’s HDI and the Congressional Ports’ Caucus visit the Port of Antwerp. The Port of Antwerp was described by the New York Times recently as “grappling with a flood of cocaine” and the “main entry port” for European cocaine. Similarly called the “Cocaine Capital” and an “important distribution hub” by Rothschild’s ‘The Economist’ magazine in November 2022.

National File concludes the following stunning accusations against HDI, Mark Epstein’s “non-profit” 501c3 charity, as it relates to Ukraine:

  • HDI encouraged freshmen US Congressmen with limited to no foreknowledge of the situation, aside from US military and US military-industrial complex ties, to meddle extremely complex in Ukraine-Russia security affairs
  • HDI facilitated meetings, shrouded in secrecy, with Ukraine’s now wartime President.
  • HDI facilitated meetings with a Ukrainian Major General, months before a major war began.
  • HDI facilitated a meeting with a key participant in Ukraine’s current cyberwarfare operations; a cyberwarfare operator who is now openly threatening US companies.
  • HDI facilitated a meeting with a major Ukrainian defense contractor financed by NATO and a partner of the US Air Force and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agenct (DARPA).
  • HDI facilitated a meeting with the head of Ukraine’s space agency months at a time when Ukraine have just canceled their space co-operation with Russia, and just months ahead of the launch of Ukraine’s first military satellite in the last ten years
  • HDI introduced and allowed US Congressmen to tour with a purported Israeli spy with tangible connections to the Israeli security and government apparatus, as National File will soon divulge.
  • HDI allowed the US Congressmen’s trip to be co-funded and largely influenced by Ukrainian-Moldovan nationals, one of whom (Polyakov’s Noosphere Ventures) is a registered Federal Lobbyist and/or Foreign Agent, and the other of whom (ACFHCPM) very little information is known about their Directors (see also Olga Morozova, a USAID and Yale-trained, Ukrainian-Moldovan infectious diseases expert), nor about their opaque source/s of funding.
  • HDI likely encouraged all participants to keep much, if not all of the trip, a relative secret; in an unusual step for HDI, their own members’ specific participation has also not been disclosed
  • HDI behavior follows a similar and peculiar pattern of collaboration with hostile and questionable foreign actors.

Consider that this is the same HDI that has in the past facilitated close door meetings, seen below, between US Congress and HDI’s ally and partner, Taihe Institute, which as National File has disclosed in the past is a Chinese Communist Party ‘thinktank’ with strong bonds to CCP elites, the PLA, and the transhumanist movement.

Chairman Peng of the CCP-PLA’s Taihe Institute, and Taihe Fellow and Perfect World Chair, Ruby ‘Yuyun’ Wang, huddle with Humpty Dumpty Institute Executives Merante, Rouhana, Al Khalafalla and Cwerman, and with HDI’s Congressional Advisory Board members, including influential Reps. Wasserman-Schultz (FL), Tonko (NY) and Meeks (NY). Previously tweeted by HDI Chairman Al Khalafalla, but removed by him after National File’s reporting began

At $46,933.34, the four day junket funded by the supposedly cash-strapped, ‘children’s non-profits,’ with an apparent side interest and penchant for being at the forefront of Ukrainian space and military technology and cavorting with Ukrainian Major-Generals, right before a major war, was the most expensive Congressional delegation of 2021.

And it seems unlikely that Children of Transnistria and Moldova obtained any benefit.

PHOTO: Chinese Military-Linked HDI Chairman Attended Joe Biden’s Inauguration

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