Last Updated on March 6, 2023


Antifa terrorists have firebombed the police training center being built in a forest outside of Atlanta, Georgia, which they have dubbed “cop city.” Violent Antifa members have been harassing the site for months, and have recruited left-wing militants from all over the country to descend on the area and destroy the facility, which is still under construction, all while attempting to murder police officers and construction workers.

The burning of “cop city” occurred on Sunday evening and comes just weeks after a deadly shootout in the same location, in which Antifa terrorists attempted to murder Georgia State Troopers, wounding one before losing one of their own, and promptly declaring him a victim of police brutality and white supremacy.

In video footage of the recent attack’s aftermath, which was published by a local Fox affiliate, fires can be seen all over the “cop city” construction site, showing the scale of the firebomb attack.

In addition to the site’s infrastructure and grasslands, a large piece of construction equipment can be seen in flames as massive plumes of smoke pour into the sky and members of the Georgia State Patrol watch it burn.

Much like the Antifa/BLM rioters of 2020, the Antifa members gathering around “cop city” are receiving far different treatment than that of non-violent January 6th demonstraters, who were hunted down all over the United States after they demonstrated against election fraud in Washington, DC.

Though after the firebombing, at least 35 Antifa militants were arrested, their charges have yet to be announced.

If business as usual is to proceed, one may assume that they’ll receive a figurative slap on the wrist, spending little time in jail or prison for their violent assaults on police and construction workers. Though it should be noted, that after the previous attack on Georgia State Troopers that left an Antifa militant dead, several of the attackers were charged with domestic terror-related offenses, a drastic change from the typical charges given to left-wingers.

The firebomb attack appears to have been pre-planned at least a month in advance and Antifa militants have been recruiting like-minded, violent individuals from all over the country to pour into Georgia and aid them in their campaign of chaos.

On February 6th, the “Defend the Atlanta Forest” Twitter account advertised a “week of action” to “#StopCopCity,” beginning on March 4th and running through March 11th.

Now, with 5 days of the “week of action” remaining, public officials and locals are expressing concern that the firebombing could be the first of many large-scale, planned attacks.

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via Twitter, @defendATLforest