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Antiwar.com: Report: US Mulls Sending Small Number of Troops Into Ukraine to Track Weapons  

A former US official described the plan as ‘classic mission creep’  

The Pentagon is discussing the possibility of sending a small number of additional troops to Ukraine to step up the tracking of weapons being sent into the country, NBC News reported on Monday.

Back in October, the Pentagon said that US military personnel based at the US embassy in Kyiv began conducting “onsite” weapons inspections in Ukraine. According to NBC, the US currently has a couple of dozen troops inside Ukraine, including a small number involved in tracking weapons. 

The current tracking effort involves traveling outside of Kyiv to scan bar codes on weapons and other supplies, although US officials say the US troops are not traveling to the front-lines.  

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WNU Editor: I have been covering this story for the past two months, and it is getting more and more bizarre. The idea of sending US troops to Ukrainian arms depots (that are prime targets for the Russian military) to scan bar codes on weapons and other supplies makes no sense. What you want to know is where do these weapons go when they leave these depots, and are these weapons going to Ukrainian soldiers on the front-lines and not somewhere else in the world. 

And as to the question of this being “mission creep”. I am sure there are a lot of US intelligence assets and contractors working in Ukraine right now. My gut tells me that we are now way pass the point of “mission creep”.