France 24: UK disappointed as Argentina withdraws from Falklands pact 

The UK government on Thursday insisted the Falkland Islands remained British as Argentina walked away from a cooperation pact and demanded new talks over their sovereignty. 

Known as the Malvinas in Spanish, the UK-ruled islands were the subject of a short but brutal war after Argentina invaded in 1982. Britain drove out the invading force after dispatching a naval armada. 

In 2016, the two sides agreed to disagree about sovereignty, but to cooperate on issues such as energy, shipping and fishing, and on identifying the remains of unknown Argentine soldiers killed in battle. 

But at G20 talks in New Delhi, Argentinian Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero informed UK counterpart James Cleverly that his government was abandoning the pact.  

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Update #1: Argentina Asks UK to Resume Negotiations Over Falklands (Reuters) 

Update #2: Argentina to renew push for sovereignty over Falkland Islands (Al Jazeera)  

WNU Editor: Why the push by the Argentine government for the Falkland Islands right now? Argentina’s economy is a disaster with inflation at 100% per year …. Not Even a World Cup Win Can Save Argentina’s Economy From Decline (Bloomberg). You do not have to be a genius to know that the Argentine government badly needs to change the narative.

On a side note. When it comes to the Falkland Islands for some reason I am always thinking of my dad. When the Falklands war broke out in 1982 (link here), I asked my father who did he think will win. His answer was immediate and one that I will never forget. His answer …. “The British have been fighting major wars for centuries. The Argentine military only know how to terrorize their civilian population”. To my father the outcome of the war was a no-brainer. Argentina was going to suffer a major defeat, and they did 2 months later. 

Sighhh …. my father was always good at predicting the outcome of wars. From the US defeat in Vietnam to the Soviet defeat and pull-out from Afghanistan, my father had an incredible 100% track record. 

In this blog I always try my best to emulate my father’s thought processes when it comes to predicting the outcome of wars and conflicts. It is not easy. How he was able to do it consistently over many years and through numerous wars astounds me, and I so wish he was alive today to comment on the current war between Russia and Ukraine.