“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

With a face that only a mother could love. But full of the characteristics of a goon despised by all.

A video has surfaced online from the State of Sonora. Where two male mechanics find themselves kneeling inside a room surrounded by armed thugs. It is believed that the victims are being punished for their failure to pay what was asked of them. 

The corporal punishment lashed out against one of the captives commences with a long wooden board in the hands of a young man wearing sandals, of all things. Every heavy strike that comes down on the underdog causes him to yell out in pain. His counterpart appears crestfallen for what he has to endure next. 

Warning: Graphic Video

Video translation is as follows: 

Sicario: Don’t you fucking stand up. Sit the fuck down fool. Don’t you fucking scream you fool. 

La Voz del Pueblo