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ABC News Australia: China suspends issuing visas in Japan, South Korea to retaliate for COVID-19 tests for travellers putting Australia at risk of similar treatment 

China has suspended issuing short-term visas in South Korea and Japan after announcing it would retaliate against countries that required negative COVID-19 tests from Chinese travellers. 

China ditched mandatory quarantines for arrivals and allowed travel to resume across its border with Hong Kong on Sunday, removing the last major restrictions under the “zero-COVID” regime after Beijing abruptly reversed its “zero COVID” policy last month following historic protests. 

But the virus is spreading unchecked among its 1.4 billion people, and worries over the scale and impact of the outbreak have prompted countries including Australia, Japan, South Korea, the United States to require negative COVID-19 tests from travellers from China. 

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WNU Editor: The expectation is that China will continue to retaliate against other countries …. China likely to retaliate against more countries over Covid travel curbs (SCMP).