Last Updated on August 15, 2023

45th President Donald J. Trump was indicted in Georgia on the eve of the second anniversary of Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle. Trump indictments have followed a disturbing trend of taking place immediately after Democrat corruption is exposed. Globalists have long accused Trump of what they are guilty of themselves: attempting to interfere in elections and to ensure that the news cycle does not cover globalist corruption.

Taliban fighters took complete control of Afghanistan on August 15th, 2021. The Taliban takeover resulted in horrific images of American weakness. Worse, 13 United States service members lost their lives in the evacuation. Many Americans view Afghanistan as Joe Biden’s biggest failure.

WHITE HOUSE: Calling Afghanistan Withdrawal A Failure Is ‘Russian Propaganda’

On June 8th, a whistleblower released a document alleging a Biden bribery scheme. The following day, Donald Trump was indicted in the Mar-a-Lago document case. July 26th, Hunter Biden’s plea deal collapsed, and the next day Jack Smith added more charges to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago document case. Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer testified to Congress on July 31st. On August 1st, Trump was indicted by Jack Smith on J6-related charges.

Now we have Trump being indicted in Georgia literally minutes before the second anniversary of Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Globalists have a long history of accusing Trump of what they are guilty of. During the 2016 election, globalists accused Trump of colluding with foreign powers when it was actually the Clinton campaign using foreign powers to concoct the Trump-Russia Collusion lie.

In 2020, globalists accused Trump of spreading Russian disinformation, but in reality, Hunter Biden’s laptop was real; those saying otherwise were the ones spreading disinformation.

Globalists use lies and indictments as weapons to hurt Trump, interfere in the election, and ensure the news cycle never covers globalist corruption.

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