North Korea, that isolated, Stalinist regime run by a stunted gargoyle with bad hair, who is the last in a line of stunted gargoyles with bad hair, seems determined to keep lowering the diplomatic bar in its dealings with its southern cousins. In the nation’s latest childish and petty act, the North Koreans are sending balloons carrying garbage and excrement across the border into the South:


South Korea’s military said North Korea was sending more balloons carrying “filth” across the heavily fortified border.

North Korea sent hundreds of balloons carrying trash and excrement earlier this week, calling them “gifts of sincerity” and vowing to send more. South Korean Defence Minister Shin Won-sik on Saturday called this “unimaginably petty and low-grade bahaviour” (sic).

North Korea was quick to reply:

North Korea has said the balloons were retaliation for an ongoing propaganda campaign by North Korean defectors and activists in South Korea, who send balloons containing anti-Pyongyang leaflets, food, medicine, money and USB sticks loaded with K-pop music videos and dramas across the border.

Because it’s been known for many years that, in international diplomacy, the best way to counter leaflets, food, medicine, and money is with bags of poop.

According to the video accompanying the story linked above, over 600 balloons were sent over the border on Saturday night. The video also shows personnel wearing what appear to be biohazard suits, inspecting the bags and taking samples of whatever is in them– certainly, a prudent move. The bags were said to have contained garbage such as cigarette butts, cloth, paper, and plastic, along with the aforementioned excrement.


South Korea is also considering (according to the same video) resuming a former practice of blasting loudspeakers into North Korea.

North Korea is on an unsustainable path. Like most of eastern Asia, its birthrate is falling off and its population will soon start to decline. This is after a famine in the 1990s that killed as many as 3.5 million North Koreans, although hard data from the isolated country is tough to find. Human Rights Watch labels North Korea as one of the most repressive countries in the world, one that routinely uses arbitrary imprisonment and torture to keep the population in line.

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The balloon trick is just the latest in a series of provocations from North Korea; in 1976, two American officers were murdered at the border by North Korean troops in a dispute over trimming a tree. These are not the acts of a country with a stable national leadership. Neither is the act of sending balloons carrying garbage across a border.

Seoul has called the move “base and dangerous,” also “petty and low-grade bahavior.” In other words, childish. “Gifts of sincerity,” indeed. Unfortunately, these kinds of incidents will likely continue as long as the hereditary dictatorship of the Kim dynasty remains in place; it is one of history’s great ironies that one of the last Stalinist states is ruled by what are effectively hereditary monarchs, when one of the major points of communism is supposed to be a classless, egalitarian society.


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