Last Updated on March 15, 2023


Court documents have revealed the previously undisclosed identity of the Capitol Police Officer who shoved nonviolent J6 demonstrator Derrick Vargo off of a ledge at the US Capitol building, leaving the demonstrator seriously injured and close to losing his life.

Officer Bryant Williams has been identified as the man behind the attack on Derrick Vargo. Williams is seen on video footage of the J6 demonstrations deliberately shoving Vargo off of the top railing of a staircase at the US Capitol building when Vargo was attempting to hang a flag off of the side banister.

The revelation that it was indeed Capitol Police Officer Bryant Williams who shoved Vargo from the staircase is confirmed in court documents that prove that Williams is indeed the masked, blue helmet-wearing Capitol cop in the video footage of the attack against Vargo, and that confirm that Williams was stationed on the staircase that Vargo was shoved off of.

Also in the court documents, which are from the case against J6 demonstrator Barry Ramey, Williams is listed as a “victim” of a pepper spraying attack on law enforcement officers and even claims to be suffering long-term effects from coming into contact with a small amount of the same spray (or, more likely, a less powerful version of the same spray) that Williams and other Capitol cops deployed against anti-fraud J6 protestors.

In video footage of the incident though, it is questionable whether Williams was even directly sprayed.

Read the court documents HERE

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Watch the video footage of Williams shoving Vargo off the ledge below:

The revelation that Officer Bryant Williams is the man who attacked Derrick Vargo comes as increased scrutiny is being applied to the J6 video footage that the American People already have access to, as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy continues to slow-walk his promised release of the footage and exclusively provide access to the footage to corporate media outlets.

After initially promising to release more than 40,000 hours of unseen J6 footage straight to the American People, McCarthy backtracked and released the footage exclusively to Fox News and Tucker Carlson, before Fox oligarch Rupert Murdoch reportedly stepped in and shut the story down. Now, McCarthy says that he will “slowly” release all of the J6 footage to various corporate media outlets, while still leaving the American People in the dark and reliant on politically-tied media outlets to get their information on January 6th.

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