Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Laura Loomer exposed the globalism and degeneracy of more of Ron DeSantis’ top bundlers, showing that the Florida Governor’s top fundraisers include individuals who support Ukraine, lobby for Bud Light, and sit on the board of Hooters. National File recently reported on another DeSantis bundler with close ties to strip clubs and swinger cruises.

Slater Bayliss is a Bud Light lobbyist who is one of DeSantis’ top bundlers. Loomer tweeted a photo from Bayliss’ social media account that shows the Ukraine flag in his profile picture.

Loomer captioned the tweet, “Have uncovered photos of another one of @RonDeSantis’s top bundlers. Meet Slater Bayliss. He’s a lobbyist for Bud Light and a supporter of Ukraine.”

“He was at @RonDeSantis’s kickoff event in Miami, hosted a fundraiser for DeSantis in DC, and is listed as a “bundler team leader ” Ron DeSantis is pro Bud Light and pro Ukraine. #AmericaLast #DeFraud”

In another tweet, Loomer showed that top DeSanits bundler Tom Frederick is on the board of Hooters.

Loomer wrote, “@RonDeSantis’s top campaign bundler/fundraiser is a board member of @hootersnamed Tom Frederick.”

“In this screenshot, which I obtained from Ron DeSantis’s stripper bundler Brooke Waltzer’s Instagram account (which she has since deleted since the publication of my expose) you can see a list of @RonDeSantis/s top bundlers for his campaign.”

Loomer continued, “So Ron’s top campaign fundraisers include a stripper, her husband who frequents strip clubs and hosts sexual parties with strippers, a bud light lobbyist, and a board member of Hooters, a wings restaurant most famous for their waitresses who walk around in orange booty shorts and push up bras so people can order wings and simultaneously stare at women’s asses and breasts as they eat wings, drink Beer, and watch sports games on TV. ”

Loomer ends her tweet pointing out the hypocrisy of Team DeSantis using false attacks to say Trump has women issues when in reality, Ron DeSantis is funded by individuals most women despise.

“Mind you, @RonDeSantis and his campaign have attacked Donald Trump over Stormy Daniels with leftist talking points and they have said DeSantis is the more “evangelical and family values friendly” candidate. As I promised
@RonDeSantis a month ago, I always said that I would be going through his FEC report with a fine tooth comb.”

“Promises made, promises kept, Ron! ”

Ron DeSantis has attempted to sell himself to GOP voters as someone who would protect family values. However, the company DeSantis keeps is proving that protecting family values is the least of his worries.

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