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For The Finale, I present the rest of my extensive research on Ovidio and the assault on Jesús María. This subject has many more chapters, but this is the last.
Welcome to Jesús María
How long was Ovidio here?
The house was started in 2021 based on imagery. Another indicator is the roof of the Palapa. Typically these are replaced annually at the typical resorts. I suspect the leaves providing the roof are close to 12-18 months, which would line up with the time frame.
I know little about this late-model Tahoe, but the modifications are impressive! Just like the title implies, “Everyone in Jesús María Knew.” Including the baby…

White Vehicles
Puerto Vallarta – La Leche
As a side note, these are the cars that The Chapitos used for Ivan’s birthday dinner turn to kidnap. This was when the white car protocol was photographed. Finding this picture, I couldn’t help but wonder how the connection delivered these cars, considering they flew in.
Culiacanazo 2019
Another example of the white vehicle with Adriana Meza Torres in the back.
Adriana Meza Torres is under a tarp beside the home and in front of a white VW SUV that looks identical to the one in Jesus Maria.
Inside the garage, three more white vehicles.
Aerial footage shows three white vehicles and the previously shown power generator.

In the operation to capture Ovidio, an Army helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk fired at the convoy of the Undersecretary of Public Security of the State, Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva, and his escorts; five agents were injured, and Ángel died. So far, the Army has not given them any explanation about what happened.

All Mexican Black Hawks models carry 7.62 and 5.56 mm machine guns and M-134 miniguns.

There was initial chatter that the helicopter video was the same as H2’s It’s different, and I will show both for you to compare.
This is for the H2 assault in Nayarit. Ironically, both of these events occurred on a Thursday.
I could not locate the house, but it can be identified as inside Jesus Maria.
Helicopter Bonus Footage
The Counter Attack
The military came in from the northern side of the tower landmark. This is based on directions of vehicle positioning. 
There would have been at least 3 rings of protection with approximately 25 vehicles, some armored. The outer ring would have been outside or at the town’s entrances. The middle ring would have been patrolled inside Jesus Maria or near the compound. Both rings include trained killers in protective vehicles and an array of weapons, ammunition, communication, and cocaine.
The inner circle would contain the boss of the guards, which in Chapo’s case, also served the role of messenger. This person is always someone with elite training and is usually a former military. In Chapo’s case, this main person would rotate every 20 days.
See the Blue Tacoma pin below.
Notice the Tower landmark in the background.
Opposite angle, Ovidio’s house is past the Blue Tacoma on the right.
The black truck was stuck and the sicarios took cover in 3 houses. 
Staging is not official; it’s my best opinion on the research. The distance is approximately 1.1 mi or 1.76 km from a direct path to the tower landmark.
The drug lord’s protectors, overpowered by the Army, took refuge in 3 homes attempting to repel the assault.
The Inside Ring
In the garage space are fans and chairs. This would have been a primary location for sicarios to chill. As glamorous as it may seem to protect a boss, these men were not allowed inside the house unannounced or watch tv under the Palapa.
Accommodations for four would align with the lack of chairs outside.
Considering this was a family home with children, this inner circle probably ran errands and did chores.
I have more, but this is where we should end…
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