Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Exclusive video footage recorded by this reporter on Sunday, August 27th, 2023, shows a New York City Police Department vehicle parked on a busy street instructing citizens to “stay 6 feet apart”. The video, which has quickly gone viral, comes as Americans are warned of neo-lockdowns and a new supposed wave of COVID-19, just in time for the 2024 Presidential Election.

National File’s exclusive video footage shows an NYPD cruiser parked along a Manhattan street and equipped with a scrolling light-up sign that reads “DO YOUR PART – STAY 6 FEET APART”.

The police instructions are in reference to the COVID separation “guidelines” that, along with mask mandates, were enforced at gunpoint all over the world, despite being wholly disproven as an effective way to stop the spread of disease.

The video footage comes as widespread reports and whistleblower intel indicate that, all over the United States, government officials and the “health” industry are gearing up for a new supposed round of COVID-19, despite the widespread injection of COVID “vaccines” which have failed to stop the reported spread of COVID.

The new supposed round of COVID, which is aligning with the 2024 Presidential Election, will produce renewed lockdowns, InfoWars founder Alex Jones has reported, citing his own sources from within the federal government who say that by December of 2023, Americans should be prepared for a return to “full COVID protocols.”

Watch the exclusive video below: 

The footage also comes more than 3 years after the debut of COVID-19.

Much like the COVID “vaccines” that have been proven not to work, the supposed virus itself has repeatedly been identified as a bioweapon that was concocted in the United States through gain-of-function research before being exported to Communist China where it was apparently unleashed on the world with the help of the American deep state.

What’s more, is that as American officials in deep blue cities like New York seemingly prepare to launch neo-lockdowns, the Biden Administration is asking Congress to fund the concoction of a new COVID jab, which will be “recommended” to all Americans, even those who’ve already received multiple jabs.