Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Loomer uncovered a video of top DeSantis advisor Christina Pushaw expressing her love for Ukraine. Pushaw previously registered as a foreign agent due to her close work with the Ukrainian government. Pushaw personally partied with Zelensky during his election night. Pushaw has played a critical role in both DeSanits’ Florida state government and his presidential campaign. In 2022, The Florida National Guard was stationed in Ukraine, singling that DeSantis takes Pushaw’s advice extremely seriously.

In the video, Pushaw says, “I know Ukraine pretty well, I would say my whole reason for supporting this movement [the war] I am interested in seeing what Ukraine can do if it was a free country, like we said, there is a lot of potential there, and just driving across the country [Ukriane] there is just so much wasted potential, there is so much brain drain, there is no opportunity for people not born into a politically connected family and it should not be like that. That’s why I want to bring attention to this [Ukriane].”

Pushaw seems much more interested in developing Ukraine’s economy than America’s. Loomer captioned the video, bringing up the extremely strong point, “Is Pushaw a pro-Ukrainian asset intended to influence the US Presidential election with pro-Ukraine policies? Would explain why she hasn’t been fired yet if there’s some larger goal at hand with her having the position she has.”

The Florida National Guard’s strong presence in Ukraine, along with DeSantis’ remarks in which he referred to Putin as a war criminal, clearly shows that Ron DeSantis views Pushaw’s opinions seriously.

DeSantis’ past actions on Ukraine make it incredibly likely that President DeSantis would commit United States ground troops to Ukraine, thus starting World War 3.

In comparison, Donald Trump has promised to end the Ukraine war and prevent World War 3. Trump is the only presidential candidate to make this promise.

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