Members of the armed forces removing landmines from the ground in Ukraine. Sons of Liberty International/Facebook  

Insider: Former Special Forces engineer says Russian minefields are unlike anything he has ever seen and battling these hidden death traps is ‘exhausting’ 

* Ryan Hendrickson has been working to clear heavily mined areas in Ukraine. 

* The former US Special Forces engineer says the overwhelming numbers of land mines is wildly different from anything he saw in Afghanistan. 

* “How do you clear all of this out?” Hendrickson asked in an online interview with a Ukrainian YouTube channel. 

A decorated former US Army Special Forces engineer who cleared out improvised explosives in Afghanistan and has since been tackling threats in Ukraine says the monstrous minefields Russia is laying down are unlike anything he has ever seen. 

“The biggest difference is the sheer number of mines,” Ryan Hendrickson, who previously served in Afghanistan with the Green Berets and is now removing deadly mines as a volunteer in Ukraine, told Ukrainian Toronto Television. 

“There are millions and millions of mines in Ukraine,” many put down by the Ukrainians, but significantly more by the Russians. In one field, for instance, Hendrickson and his team found over 700 anti-tank mines, though they estimated there may have been thousands in total. That was just one field.  

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WNU Editor: What makes the situation even more dire is that Russia has the ability to deploy landmines in fields behind Ukrainian lines that have been cleared of landmines. The Ukraine army also have the same capability …. Russian forces battling Ukraine’s assault are discovering a nasty danger behind them, courtesy of the US (Insider).