I think it’s safe to say at this point that after all that has come out about his deceptions regarding his past including his (mostly made-up) family life, professional history, and even Congressional history, believing anything claimed by Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is a surefire way to set a person up for big disappointment in short order.

Though some complaints about Santos that have come from the left have undoubtedly been dumb, he has earned the vast majority of the criticism he’s received from his bipartisan critics for following Joe Biden’s lead on the “make stuff up” front as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) figures out how to handle him and the House GOP Steering Committee recommends him for a couple of committee assignments.

But on Thursday, Santos took to the Twitter machine to issue a denial of something he hasn’t previously claimed, this one regarding a report from a left-wing journalist on Substack that he was once a drag queen who frequently performed in Brazil:

Though only the truest of true believers would believe Santos at this point, the New York Post made it clear in their write-up on this development that they aren’t one of them:

Video has emerged showing lying Long Island Rep. George Santos boasting about performing as a drag queen in Rio de Janeiro — despite his claims Thursday morning that he had never done any such thing.

The video shows Santos, clad in a black dress and sunglasses, speaking in Portuguese to an interviewer at the Pride parade in the Rio suburb of Niteroi in 2005.

“I do presentations at 1940 in Jacarepagua, I do Cascadura, I also did Cabaret Casanova in Gloria and I did one at Le Boy,” Santos says, naming well-known drag clubs in and around the city.

Santos then lauds the parade’s organization, saying: “The event is good, well-organized. I really love it.” He adds that he wanted to ride on a float in the parade, “but it was very small and there was no room to ride on top, so I’m with the crowd.”

When interviewer Joao Fraga responds, “It’s better with the crowd,” Santos answers, “Yes, look at these lovelies here,” before grabbing the man standing beside him.

Here’s the video in question, which is set to start up at the moment the person they claim to be Santos starts talking:

A Reuters reporter who wrote about the allegations also posted a video that they claim shows Santos dressed in drag:

The original source behind the claims about Santos’ supposed drag queen past also posted more photos to her Instagram of who she says is Santos dressed as a woman. The photo on the right does resemble Santos quite a bit:

Though drag queens have understandably been in the hot seat over the last several months after their sexually-charged performances at some so-called “family-friendly” shows and drag queen story hours where children have been present were shared on social media, some conservatives joked that if Santos had in fact been a drag queen it would actually elevate him in certain circles.

“If you were a drag queen the media would forgive you for everything and start promoting you!” former Gov. Ron DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw quipped in response.

She’s got a point.

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