Last Updated on March 6, 2024

Jason Palmer, the person who defeated Joe Biden in the Democrat presidential caucus in the territory of American Samoa, had the opportunity to be hilarious on his day of being viral. But as of press time, Palmer is actually just a self-serious person who supports gun purchase restrictions and abortion. However, his win over Joe Biden remains hilarious.

Joe Biden’s defeat in the Democrat caucus is funny for fans of the American Republic because it proves that even some guy named Jason can stand up to the entrenched elite and score a win against a crazed mentally vacant warmonger.

Baltimore man Jason Palmer defeated Biden with 51 votes to Biden’s 40 votes in American Samoa. How did he pull it off? Palmer said he has been campaigning remotely a lot including by doing Zoom town hall events. Palmer and Biden both picked up three delegates for the Democrat National Convention.

Previously,more than 100,000 people cast their vote for the “Uncommitted” option on the ballot in the 2024 Michigan Democrat primary, dealing another embarrassment to Joe Biden as he trails President Donald Trump in the November polls and faces a surging independent challenger in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As of press time, “Uncommitted” had 101,438 votes against Biden’s 623,422 in what was expected to be a virtually uncontested primary for the Democrat Party, which is known to suppress competition in its widely-ballyhooed primary process. Uncommitted had more than 13 percent of the vote and won two delegates.

The “Uncommitted” campaign was spearheaded by critics of the Zionist war machine, with one of the “Uncommitted” delegates coming from Rashida Tlaib’s district.

If Kennedy would pivot away from supporting Israel so much and instead offer some more sympathetic commentary for the Palestinians, he could further chip away at Biden’s support. The war in Gaza is the issue of the moment, and it is obviously driving a lot of progressives away from the neocon Democrat establishment. Kennedy’s growth stems from his ability to present himself as an alternative to the major parties. If Kennedy becomes truly alternative on the Israel-Palestine issue, that might be his best bet to put him over the top.

Meanwhile, President Trump is brandishing his peacemaking credentials, vowing to immediately end the war in Ukraine if elected again. In Trump’s first term, his administration — directed by Jared Kushner — was extremely pro-Israel. Recently, Trump has criticized Bibi Netanyahu a bit. Regardless, don’t expect to see the Republican Party infrastructure drifting away from its Zionist donor base at any point in the near future. Trump is gaining ground with his pledge to stop World War 3, and he has the record to back him up (including his Peace Through Strength masterclass diplomacy with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un).

One way or another, more and more American people are rejecting the lies and corruption of the warmongering establishment.

Pray for Peace.