David Bull, the deputy leader of Reform UK, has just been speaking to 5 Live.

He’s asked about the story we just mentioned – the resignation of Reform UK’s parliamentary candidate Grant StClair-Armstrong, after it emerged he previously urged people to vote for the BNP.

Is Bull worried about who Reform UK attracts?

Bull says no, adding that “we had to expedite the process” to ensure candidates are vetted and that “we have a stringent vetting policy”.

He’s also asked about the party’s policy – to be officially set out in their “contract” later today – to “take six million out of paying tax” by
raising income tax thresholds.

As a reminder – both Labour and the Conservatives plan to keep income tax bands frozen until 2028, meaning more people pay more tax as their pay rises.

Bull says Reform want to “make work pay”.

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Image caption: David Bull