Dozhd TV Channel Studio. Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant  

Moscow Times: Latvian Decision to Revoke Russian TV Station’s License Sparks Fear, Disbelief 

Latvia’s decision Tuesday to withdraw the broadcast license of independent Russian television channel Dozhd caused disbelief and anger among the media outlet’s journalists and soul-searching among other Russian journalists in exile. 

The Baltic country’s media watchdog said in a statement announcing the revocation that Dozhd posed “threats to national security and social order” following a series of fines issued over the outlet’s coverage of the war in Ukraine.

 “I’ve been fighting for all these years to remain human in any situation… [but] I feel like a disgusting scoundrel,” Dozhd co-founder Natalia Sindeeva said between sobs in a video posted to her Telegram channel after the announcement.  “The entire TV channel is at stake.”  

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WNU Editor: The Dozhd office in Moscow was shut down in March for its coverage of the Ukraine war (they were critical of the “special operations”). In July, the television channel was relaunched from studios in Riga, Latvia. But yesterday, citing national security, Latvia decided to immediately end Dozhd’s license to broadcast. Their excuse is that Dozhd’s coverage of the war is not 100% anti-Russian/Kremlin/Putin. Latvia is also critical of recent reports from Dozhd on recent heavy Ukrainian military losses and how dire the situation is for many ordinary Ukrainians. A host was also recently fired for saying the network was helping Russian soldiers 

As to what is my take on the end of Dozhd.

Latvia can make all the justifications that they want. But the revocation of Dozhd’s license is a huge victory for the Kremlin. One more independent Russian media outfit snuffed-out, and the Kremlin did not have to lift a finger to do it. 

 Update: The CEO of Dozhd speaks out …. We made a lot of stupid mistakes’ TV Rain CEO Natalia Sindeeva on the news that Latvia is stripping the network’s broadcast license (Meduza).  

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