Laura Loomer exposed the Florida GOP’s attempts to rig the Florida Primary by requiring presidential candidates to sign a loyalty pledge before their names can appear on the ballot. This is despite the fact that Ron DeSantis has previously refused to commit to backing Trump if Trump is the GOP’s nominee. These facts show that the Florida GOP is attempting to bend the primary rules to allow DeSantis to have an advantage over Trump.

Loomer’s tweet read, “More election rigging out of the @FloridaGOP which has just announced that if Presidential candidates want to be on the ballot, they must sign a loyalty pledge and also pay to attend the Florida Sunshine summit.”

Loomer’s tweet went on to expose Team DeSantis’ close relationship with the Florida GOP, “As I exposed 2 weeks ago, Florida GOP is and has been rooting for @RonDeSantis. @ChrisMZiegler’s wife is supporting DeSantis , who appointed her to the Reedy Creek Board. And then the Vice Chair of
@FloridaGOP @EvanPower’s wife @themelissapower is literally the CFO of @RonDeSantis’s Presidential campaign.”

Loomer then called out the Florida GOP’s conflict of interest, “This is such a blatant conflict of interest that undermines the integrity of our elections. How can they be neutral when they are both financially benefiting from their wives relationship with DeSantis? Once again, the state party is trying to select our nominee instead of letting the voters decide.”

The tweet ended with, “You shouldn’t need to sign a loyalty pledge if you don’t support the candidate you’re running against. The notion that you must support the party nominee is akin to a bank robber committing an armed robbery and holding the bank teller hostage unless they give them all the money. @FloridaGOP is trying to hold us all hostage with their loyalty pledge and stupid last minute rule changes. Just like @CAGOP with the last minute rule changes!”

National File recently reported on the California GOP’s efforts to rig their primary in DeSantis’ favor.

Florida and California show that America’s globalist elite are pulling out all the tricks to try and steal the nomination away from Trump. Sadly, so many GOP Party Chairs are going along with this elitist undemocratic plot.

These last few weeks have shown that Trump supporters must keep a close eye on their state GOP Primary and Caucus rules.

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