Last Updated on July 21, 2023

Think Ron DeSantis’ Senior Commcuations staffer Bryan Griffin was bad? Well, Ron DeSantis has hired another senior commutations staffer, and he is even more of a disaster than Bryan Griffin. Loomer exposed that new DeSantis Senior Communications staffer Cody Hall as an anti-Trump, NATO-supporting globalist.

The first Cody Hall tweet Loomer shared, dated June 1st, 2017, showed Cody’s love of NATO and the Paris Climate Accords. Cody’s tweet read, “I really wish there was as much concern over Trump’s NATO statements as there has been about the Paris Accord.”

Loomer quoted Cody’s tweet, writing, “This is @RonDeSantis’s new communications advisor.”

“He’s an anti-Trump, NATO loving climate change activist.”

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In another tweet, Cody showed excitement that Trump had been indicted.

Loomer responded to the tweet, “This is @RonDeSantis’s new communications advisor for his campaign. His name is Cody Hall, and He is also a senior advisor to @BrianKempGA.”

“Here Cody is gloating about Donald Trump getting indicted… he referred to “new 2024 GA polling” in response to Trump being indicted. This is the type of person Ron DeSantis just hired. Someone who is happy that Donald Trump has been indicted.”

Cody comes to DeSantis from globalist Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s office. Kemp did nothing to stop the rampant fraud in Georiga during the 2020 election. Kemp has also allowed Antifa to terrorize Atlanta.

DeSantis continues to hire committed globalists. The facts could not be any clearer. Globalist elites view Ron DeSantis as their best chance of defeating Trump. A DeSantis vs. Biden or DeSantis vs. Newsom ticket would put the Deep State globalists in a win-win position. The 2024 GOP Primary is the most critical election in the America First Movement’s history.

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