Last Updated on July 12, 2023

Mississippi’s GOP Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann has spent his time in office collaborating with Democrats and appointing them to powerful positions within the Mississippi State Senate, choking off the conservative and America First agenda that Missippians actually voted for – including the Parental Bill of Rights.

Republicans have a 36-seat supermajority in the Mississippi State Senate. Though Democrats hold just 16 seats, GOP Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann appointed 13 of them to powerful committee chairmanships, allowing the Democrats to seize far more power than the voters have given them and to obstruct the conservative agenda that the voters sent 36 Republicans to protect and advance.

Conservative Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel is challenging incumbent Delbert Hosemann for the GOP’s Lt. Governor nomination and has made exposing Hosemann’s work with Democrats a focal point of his campaign, giving Hosemann the nickname of “Delbert the Democrat.”

In a campaign ad, McDaniel blasts Hosemann’s coziness with the Democrats, saying that “You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. Delbert Hosemann has appointed 13 Democrats to influential chairmanships instead of Republicans. That’s how we know Hosemann is no conservative.”

In a recent radio interview, McDaniel expanded on how Hosemann’s work with Democrats has blocked the agenda that Missippians have voted for, telling Super Talk Mississippi that the state is “one of the few places left” where the people can push back against the far-left woke agenda that’s destroying America.

“It makes no sense to have 36 Republicans in that chamber vs 16 Democrats and still be unable to get our big-ticket agenda items passed,” McDaniel said. “We shouldn’t have an income tax, Paul. We shouldn’t have any woke culture in this state. We ought to be pushing back every chance we get and we’re not, because Delbert Hosemann is blocking the agenda.”

“We have to start governing like Republicans again,” said McDaniel. “And we can’t do that so long as people like Delbert Hosemann are standing in the way.”

“We are fighting for the survival of this country,” McDaniel added, speaking to the importance of Mississippi and its pro-America electorate on both a state and national scale. “I believe that with all of my heart. I don’t think there are many places left where we can push back and make it right. Mississippi is a refuge for conservative thought.”

“This is the place to make the fight, this is the place to hold the line in the sand and push back against liberals and tell them they’re not welcome here,” said McDaniel. “That includes Joe Biden’s federal government.”

“We can’t do that by blocking conservative legislation. We can’t do that by killing a parental bill of rights, Delbert Hosemann. We can’t give Delbert Hosemann and his Democrat friends control of this chamber and expect Mississippi to remain Republican and remain conservative.”

Watch McDaniel’s full interview with Super Talk Mississippi below: 

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