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El Gavilan is a mysterious member of the Los Chapitos faction of the Sinaloa Cartel with a higher ranking and more power than the now-arrested ‘El Nini’. Moreover, the days of El Nini, El Chicken Little, or El 19 appear numbered on Mexican soil because his extradition to the United States is looming. With this in mind, the importance of El Gavilan cannot be undermined as this individual led the first Culiacanazo with the blessing of Ivan Archivaldo and Kevin Alonso Gil Acosta ‘El 200’ or ‘El Cabo’ on October 17, 2019, for Los Chapitos forces, not El Nini as some might of thought.  

El Gavilan Security Chief And Allegedly Current Plaza Boss Of Culiacan?

El Gavilan has managed to stay out of the spotlight for years and unlike El Nini who starved for attention, this secretive Los Chapitos member has managed to rise through the ranks and has gained the confidence of Ivan Archivaldo Guzman. El Gavilan reportedly was a secretary of Ivan and then became a security chief for ‘Los Chapitos (Ivan, Alfredo)’ inner circle. There are also rumors about El Gavilan being a former Mexican military member, but this information is still unconfirmed. 
Lastly, the position of plaza boss of Culiacan seems to be a burned-out one as it attracts too much attention to military federal forces, so we will see how long El Gavilan stays in his current position or if there will be a constant rotation of this position. 
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The Gavilan’s corridos are still banned.

On Thursday the account of “Gerardo y Los Nuevos Buskadores” uploaded a story where they warn “to the groups that are recording corridos that are not authorized, trucha con la carrucha”.

The corrido in question is called “Si no quieres no”.

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After the new OFAC designations to the Sinaloa Cartel, and where they officially revealed photos of Perris, Karateca, Kastor and other associates of the Chapitos, the nickname of “200” was censored in the song Gavilán II from the album Genesis, by singer Pesos Pluma.