Last Updated on February 13, 2023

“Nazis in Ukraine” trended on Twitter today in the aftermath of Ukrainian President Zelensky posting a photo online of a Ukrainian soldier wearing Nazi regalia on his uniform, and as awareness of the globalist darling state’s historical and present-day ties to Nazism continues to rise.

The “Nazis in Ukraine” trend came alongside the results of Super Bowl LVII and posts about “#ILLEGALimmigrants,” featuring thousands of posts pointing to direct evidence of neo-Nazism in Ukraine and its military forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long spoken of the need to de-Nazify Ukraine, one of the last holdouts of open Nazism on planet earth. High-ranking members of Ukraine’s government, police force, and military, as well as entire fighting units under their command, have been found linked to modern-day incarnations of the radical fascistic movement of World War 2-era Germany.

Ukraine Nazis
Nazis in Ukraine trended on Twitter today.

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Despite the de-Nazification talking points of Vladimir Putin, Western leaders claim that no such Nazis in Ukraine exist, though sometimes, the very media outlets defending Ukraine’s honor against Nazi accusations accidentally let reality slip.

In one “Nazis in Ukraine,” tweet, video footage from a British Sun report about a Ukrainian artillery unit shows that every single member of the profiled unit had Nazi-related patches on their uniforms.

In another Tweet, featuring multiple images of Ukrainian Nazi forces, armed Ukrainian soldiers salute Adolf Hitler while holding the red, Swastika-emblazoned banner of the Third Reich, alongside a modern-day flag of Ukraine. In another image, uniformed Ukrainian troops hold a Ukrainian-colored recreation of the Nazi’s World War 2 battle flag.

In yet another “Nazis in Ukraine” post, Ukrainian troops of the infamous Azov Regiment, which is so openly affiliated with neo-Nazism to the point that even Western corporate media outlets have been forced to admit it, armed Azovs hold a Nazi flag, apparently inspired by the flag of the Hitler Youth, next to both an Azov flag and a NATO flag.

Ironically, NATO was formed out of the post-World War 2 alliance among the very Western nations that defeated the original Nazis on the battlefield.

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