It seems like Joe Biden keeps getting worse every day—and the American people are noticing. Whether making things up or just being incoherent, he keeps deteriorating. 

He has terrible approval numbers, and the majority have made it clear that they don’t think he should be running again. 

So you wouldn’t expect people to be jumping up and down with glee that, at least at this point, he appears to be running. 

But when people were asked for the one word they thought of when they thought of Joe Biden, the response had to be making the Biden team tear their hair out (what’s left of it, anyway). The most frequent answer is pretty bad: 

Over 25 percent think “old,” “outdated,” “retire,” “elderly,” “aging,” “senile,” and “dementia” when they think about Biden, according to the Associated Press/NORC poll. The second most frequent category, with 15 percent, is just as bad. It has the words “slow,” “confused,” “idiot,” “ignorant,” “sleepy,” “gaffe,” and “bumbling,” according to the poll. “Bad,” “terrible,” “disappointing,” “joke,” and profanity” were the third set of words with 13 percent. I was, however, a bit disappointed that “corrupt,” “criminal,” “crooked,” “compromised,” “traitor,” “con artist,” and “puppet” didn’t come in a bit higher. That only came in at six percent. 

Only about one percent of respondents responded with “smart,” “wise,” or “knowledgeable.” 

On top of that, 77 percent thought Biden was too old to govern effectively, and they believed that if Biden won, we’d end up with Kamala Harris in the second term. A doubly good reason to vote for the GOP nominee. Even 69 percent of Democrats thought Biden was too old, which has to spell trouble for him. 

One Republican said the word “potato” came to mind when he thinks of Biden, while a Democrat who approves of Biden’s job performance said “senile” pops into his head.

When you’re running for the highest office in the land like Biden, those are not good indicators that people think well of you. Those are indicators that could very well do Biden in because they are so bad. 

At this point, Democrats—if they’re honest—have to be truly wondering if he can hold out against former President Donald Trump or anyone else who might be the Republican nominee. Many polls have Trump close, within the margin of error, or even leading. That can’t be good as the powers that be contemplate the upcoming election. So if he stays in, expect them to throw everything up against the wall to try to overcome this huge negative perception in the eyes of the American people.