Last Updated on November 11, 2022

An Ohio Republican J.R. Majewski is criticizing the GOP’s leadership following the 2022 midterm election results.

Despite mainstream rightwing media groups predicting a “red wave” on election day, many Trump-endorsed, regime-threatening candidates like Majewski lost their elections and are attributing Tuesday’s “crimson trickle” to weak GOP leadership.

In an op-ed published Friday, Majewski blamed the poor Republican midterm performance on D.C.’s “McLeadership,” a reference to GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“The corporate media is working overtime to hide the Republican establishment’s failures in the 2022 midterm elections –perpetuating a myth that Donald J. Trump dragged his endorsed candidates down. This is a complete lie, told in order to embolden GOP leaders in Washington D.C., and ignores the fact that in so many instances, this same “McLeadership” set MAGA candidates up for failure,” Majewski began.


The Trump-endorsed America first candidate, who ran against longtime establishment Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur, accused the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) of fundraising for a low-profile candidate during his primary in hopes of hurting his campaign.

This GOP-endorsed candidate was wiped out in the primary, not even receiving a third of the vote.

Majewski also claimed the NRCC sought to limit his pro-Trump, America-First rhetoric by committing to $970,000 in media advertising for his campaign.

“I was assigned a field director who was extremely invasive. They demanded involvement in creating and reviewing my campaign budget,” Majewski explained.

“This intervention would leave me desperately dependent on them for all television and radio advertising. And despite my attempts at better judgment, they intervened on fundraising efforts, and in many cases prohibited me from raising money from Washington, D.C,” he added.

The NRCC got “angry” when Majewski boldly professed his support for former President Donald Trump and the GOP eventually demanded the Ohio candidate stop speaking to media without his approval.

After Majewski refused to limit his pro-Trump rhetoric on the campaign trail, the NRCC cut off all support for him.

National File previously reported on the NRCC’s efforts to hurt Majewski, along with disingenuous mainstream media attacks the candidate fended off alone.

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