Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE – Taliban taunts ‘big mouth loser’ Prince Harry after he revealed he killed 25 enemies in Afghanistan: Islamists say Duke is ‘mad’ and ‘the ‘chess pieces’ now rule after you fled to your grandmother’s palace’ 

* The prince revealed new details of his Afghanistan deployment in memoir Spare 

* He said he killed 25 enemy ‘chess pieces’, prompting an angry Taliban response 

* They taunted the prince, saying he is struggling to maintain a place in his family 

The Taliban have branded Prince Harry a ‘big mouth loser’ after he revealed he killed 25 of their fighters while serving in Afghanistan in his new tell-all memoir Spare. 

Speaking to MailOnline, the militants taunted the Duke of Sussex – who wrote that he viewed their fighters as ‘chess pieces’ – saying they had had the last laugh over the West after recapturing the country in 2021. 

The Taliban claimed while their fighters are the ultimate victors of the conflict, Harry had ‘fled to his grandmother’s palace’ and is now struggling to maintain a place in the Royal Family.  

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WNU Editor: For someone who says he wants privacy, he certainly is not acting like it. 

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