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FOX News: China COVID crisis: Beijing hospital runs out of beds, families burn bodies in streets as deaths spike 

One report claimed that hospitals told patients to bring their own bed due to shortage 

A Beijing hospital has run out of beds, forcing patients to rest on stretchers or lay on the hallway floors as COVID-19 infections run rampant in the country and stretch thin the public health sectors’ resources. 

“We have no beds, we have no oxygen, and we have a room full of sick people waiting,” a health care worker in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital’s emergency room told the Financial Times ahead of Christmas. 

China has watched as cases of COVID-19 spiked following the rollback of the country’s “zero-COVID” policy as the abrupt shift occurred without any increase in vaccinations. Instead, officials tried to simply bolster hospitals in anticipation of a new COVID-19 wave by establishing hundreds of “fever clinics” to increase testing.  

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