Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Freedom Caucus Rep. Bob Good has vowed that Kevin McCarthy is “never going to be speaker,” as House conservatives continue to stymy the establishment leader’s speakership campaign in a massive show of America First force in Congress.

Rep. Good (VA-5), reportedly told CNN that Kevin McCarthy “is never going to be speaker,” vowing that he and others opposed to his gavel chase “will never cave.”

“We will never vote for him,” Good went on. “The sooner he pulls out…the better for everyone it is and we can move together to find who the best person is who can get 218 [votes].”

Bob Good McCarthy Speaker Vote
Rep. Bob Good (VA-5) says House conservatives will not cave in their opposition to Kevin McCarthy’s speakership campaign. via Twitter @mkraju

As things currently stand, the speakership vote is heading for a historic third ballot, as conservatives have refused to give up in the face of an establishment intimidation campaign.

In both of the first two votes, a total of 19 House Republicans stood up to oppose McCarthy, and that number could grow heading into the third ballot.

Joining Rep. Good in voting against Kevin McCarthy the first two times around were Reps. Biggs, Bishop, Boebert, Brecheene, Cloud, Clyde, Crane, Gaetz, Gosar, Harris, Luna, Miller, Norman, Ogles, Perry, Rosendale, and Roy.

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In the second vote, all of those mentioned backed Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, though he’s voted for McCarthy on both ballots.

Assuming none of those voting against McCarthy on the first two ballots cave, it will be impossible for the establishment leader to become Speaker of the House without significant Democrat support, and it will be impossible for a Democrat to become Speaker of the House without significant Republican support.

Hardline McCarthy supporter, Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska, is claiming that he may vote to make a Democrat the next Speaker of the House if Republicans don’t fall in line behind his friend McCarthy.

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