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Daily Mail: Putin FINALLY refers to Ukrainian invasion as a WAR for the first time in ten months: Opposition figures point out Vladimir should be jailed for breaking his own law 

* Vladimir Putin said in a speech that Russia’s goal was to ‘end this war’ 

* The tyrant had outlawed the use of the word, with opposition figures jailed 

* He had previously always referred to his invasion as a ‘special military operation’  

Vladimir Putin has finally referred to his brutal invasion of Ukraine as a ‘war’ – breaking his own law against the use of the word. 

Previously, the Russian tyrant had always labelled the bloody ten-month conflict a ‘special military operation’ and banned any reference to the true nature of his barbaric campaign.

Thousands of Russians have been punished, with some jailed and others fined, for describing the invasion as a ‘war’ – and now opposition leaders are demanding that Putin faces the same treatment.  

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WNU Editor: Everyone I know in Russia refers to this conflict as a war. And this is actually not the first time that Putin has referred to this conflict as a war. I saw and heard him use the term at least twice when he met the mothers and wives of soldiers killed in Ukraine a month or two ago. 

But I understand the Russian legal reasons why the term “special operations” is used. If the word war becomes part of the official language of this conflict, it then means that the Kremlin must make an official declaration of war against Ukraine. And the Kremlin is not ready to go down that road yet. It is the same reason why Ukraine has not declared war against Russia. It opens a Pandora’s Box of legal steps that like the Kremlin the Kyiv government does not want to get into.