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RFE: Russians Mourn Soldiers Killed In Attack As Kremlin Blames Troops’ Cell Phone Use For Revealing Location 

Residents in the Russian region of Samara gathered on January 3 to mourn the loss of local soldiers killed in one of Ukraine’s deadliest defensive strikes as Moscow put the blame on its own soldiers for using their mobile phones, which might have provided the data Ukraine used to locate them. 

Russia’s Defense Ministry said 89 soldiers were killed when Ukraine launched the artillery attack on December 31 on the Moscow-controlled town of Makiyivka in the Donetsk region. 

The ministry had put the figure at 63 a day earlier. Ukraine’s military has claimed about 500 soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack. RFE/RL is unable to confirm either side’s data.  

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WNU Editor: These soldiers are not suppose to have cellphones. Clearly a failure of command.

Here is how a Russian soldier gave away his position with geotagged social media posts …. Russian soldier gave away his position with geotagged social media posts (Task & Purpose). 

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