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The now former Riverside County sheriff’s deputy was part of a major drug-trafficking organization in the county, the Riverside County Sheriff’s department alleges. But they said investigators don’t believe he smuggled drugs into any of the jails where he worked.

The deputy, Jorge Oceguera-Rocha, a 25-year-old who lives in Banning, had 104 pounds of fentanyl pills (M-30s) when he was pulled over and arrested Sunday following an extensive investigation, according to a sheriff’s department press release.

By one estimate from another case in Arizona, that amount could be worth close to $1.8 million on the street.

Former Riverside County Sheriff Deputy Jorge Oceguera-Rocha
Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, and Special Investigations Bureau (SIB) worked an extensive investigation into a DTO (Drug Trafficking Organization) that identified Correctional Deputy Jorge Oceguera-Rocha in a pivotal role of trafficking large quantities of narcotics within Riverside County while off duty.

During a search of Oceguera-Rocha’s vehicle, the sheriff’s department said, a trained dog alerted to the presence of narcotics. Deputies found more than 100 pounds of fentanyl pills and a loaded handgun. The Sheriff’s department said Oceguera-Rocha immediately resigned after his first arrest.

Oceguera-Rocha was released Wednesday after the United States Attorney’s Office declined to file the case, according to the Sheriff’s Department. The case in its entirety was presented to the Assistant United States Attorney’s (AUSA) office for review on federal drug trafficking charges and weapon charges. That federal indictment was rejected by the AUSA’s office.

This prompted investigators from SIB to re-arrest Oceguera-Rocha and re-book him into a county jail with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office prepared to file charges to include possession of narcotics, transportation with the intent to distribute narcotics, weight enhancements for the narcotics (104 pounds of fentanyl), and possession of a firearm while in possession of narcotics.

Bail was set at $5 million dollars based on the weight amount, danger to the public, and potential for Oceguera-Rocha to flee from prosecution. He had previously posted the $1 million bail before being re-arrested.