The Dreadnought Class SSBN (ballistic missile submarine) will incorporate advanced features. This includes a new multi-layered sound reducing stealth, with built in outer hull.  

Insider: The British navy is teaming up with the US to build a new ‘Dreadnought’ for a totally different battle at sea 

* The British Royal Navy is building a new class of nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarines. 

* The British subs will have the same missile compartment as the US Navy’s new missile subs. 

* The name of the new subs recalls the first Dreadnought, a battleship that redefined naval warfare. 

In 1906 the British Royal Navy commissioned HMS Dreadnought, a battleship that changed how surface warships were designed and sparked a naval arms race. 

Armed with five turrets bearing twin 12-inch guns and featuring new technologies like steam turbines and electronic fire-control equipment, HMS Dreadnought became the standard on which future battleships were based and separated the “pre-dreadnought” and “dreadnought” eras. 

 Long after the battleship’s reign came to an end, the name Dreadnought is still a defining one. The Royal Navy’s first nuclear-powered submarine, in service from 1963 to 1980, was also called HMS Dreadnought.  

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WNU Editor: The first two boats, HMS Dreadnought and HMS Valiant, are already under construction. They are destined to take over Britain’s nuclear deterrent from the 2030s …. First Submarine To Use New Stealth Technology (Naval News).