“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

An assassin from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel appears on film in daylight hours in a heavily wooded area. Lying dead on the floor is a captive whose head is being removed. Off camera the numerous voices of his counterparts can be heard all around him hurling insults at the deceased male. 

The tool in use for the beheading is a leaf-shaped blade known as the Barong machete. This 25 inch knife is a very deadly and all purpose weapon in the hands of a skilled practitioner. But here we are shown that the enforcer is too much of a novice when it comes to his capabilities. 

After striking the fallen man a total of 19 times. The executioner with the weak upper body strength finally decides to finish the job with an axe.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Here it goes you sons of bitches. This here is Commander Mataguaches you sons of bitches. 

Sicario #2: You guys weren’t too brave today. 

Sicario #1: We are the fucking Mencho Special Forces. Take that you sons of bitches. 

Sicario #3: Turn that damn dog over. 

Sicario #1: Take that you sons of bitches. 

Sicario #4: Go ahead and reposition yourself dog. 

Sicario #5: I need the rest of you gentlemen to stand guard around us. 

Sicario #6: I need a knife to finish here. 

Several men can be heard saying: We need a knife over here. 

Sicario #7: Jimmy, we need a knife. 

Sicario #1: Ah, I see you’ve brought out the big guns there daddy. 

Sicario #7: It’s the same axe that belonged to them. 

Sicario #1: We’re hitting these dogs up with their own tools. Take that you sons of bitches. 

Sicario #3: They actually thought that we were dormant here. 

Sicario #1: You sons of bitches.