Last Updated on February 12, 2024

A man who proclaimed womanhood and called himself transgender shot up televangelist Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas on Sunday. He was neutralized by off-duty cops after an exchange of gunfire that stopped the latest transgender anti-Christian terror attack dead in its tracks, but not before a 5-year-old child was left in critical condition and an adult male was also wounded. As usual, the shooting has been minimized and obscured by the pro-trans media, which has refused to even mention the shooter’s transgender identity.

36-year-old transgender church shooter Genessee Ivonne Moreno, who had legally changed his name from Jeffrey Escalante after assuming a fake feminine identity, entered Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church on Sunday and opened fire.

Moreno-Escalante carried a long rifle and wore a trenchcoat that he claimed was full of explosives, and ultimately ended up exchanging gunfire with off-duty cops when he attempted his anti-Christian massacre.

He also entered the church with a 5-year-old child, the same child who was critically wounded during the attack.

Escalante-Moreno has a lengthy criminal history that dates back to at least 2005, having been charged with numerous violent offenses under his former name of Jeffrey Escalante, including assault, evading, and the unlawful carrying of a weapon, as well as other charges of forgery, theft, and drug possession.

According to multiple media reports, Escalante-Moreno carried an AR-15 inscribed with the phrase “Free Palestine.”

Remarkably, while the corporate media has been able to widely identify the gun that was used in the attack and what was written on it, they’ve largely failed to mention Escalante-Moreno’s transgender identity – par for the course when it comes to the transgender terror attacks that are becoming routine in the United States, as Christianity, the religion that a majority of Americans observe, is constantly demonized in the public square.

The refusal to identify Escalante-Moreno as the biological male that he was includes CNN, which published a lengthy article providing many details about the shooting and the subsequent investigation but completely ignored Escalante-Moreno’s transgender status and even his previous name, under which he committed numerous violent crimes.

“A woman entered a Houston megachurch with a child and began shooting. Here’s what we know,” the CNN headline reads while refusing to actually inform readers of all that is known about the shooter, apparently to not throw off their pro-trans fake news agenda.

As mentioned, the trans attack on Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church is just the latest instance of trans terrorism to grip the United States.

As National File recently reported, just weeks ago, a trans mass shooter planted an IED in his Iowa school and murdered one of his peers while wounding four other people before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The IED was ultimately “rendered safe” according to law enforcement.

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But much like in the Texas church shooting, the corporate media, and even law enforcement, sought to obscure the shooter’s trans identity. To boot, his social media accounts where he publicly claimed to identify as trans and gender-fluid were scrubbed from the internet, in a move that has been slammed as nakedly designed to protect the pro-trans movement.

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And both of those attacks came on the heels of several more, including the transgender mass shooting of Christian elementary schoolers and their school employees last year, in Nashville, Tennessee.

In that case, as well, the corporate media and law enforcement tried to cover up the shooter’s female-to-male trans identity and even refused to release her manifesto to the public. However, it was eventually leaked, and laid bare the killer’s plans to “kill those kids” and “those crackers.”

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