Last Updated on July 20, 2023

During his Iowa Town Hall on Tuesday, Donald Trump asked why the GOP-controlled House has not impeached Joe Biden. Mounting evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors has led GOP voters to become angry at Speaker McCarthy and his top congressional ally Marjorie Taylor Greene for their all-talk, no-action act.

Donald Trump called on House Republicans to impeach Biden, “They impeached me over a phone call that was perfect. Why aren’t they impeaching Biden for receiving tens of millions of dollars? Why isn’t he under impeachment?”

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Speaker Kevin McCarthy have issued strongly worded statements that they will hold Biden accountable. However, Greene and McCarthy have miserably failed to hold Joe Biden accountable for his lawlessness. Many suspect this is by design, as Greene and McCarthy both have deep ties to globalist deep-state donors.

NationalFile reported that MTG called Lauren Boebert a b**** because Boebert filed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. Greene became enraged at Boebert’s articles of impeachment because House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said many times that he will not support a Biden impeachment inquiry. MTG’s high school girl-like attacks on Boebert, combined with her RINO voting record, made MTG the first Freedom Caucus member in history to be removed by the body.

In June, McCarthy personally attacked Boebert in front of the entire GOP House Caucus after Boebert filed the Biden impeachment articles. McCarthy reportedly urged GOP members not to support Boebert’s impeachment articles telling the membership body, “I just think running something on the floor isn’t fair to the American public without making the case and making the argument.”

McCarthy did nothing to hold Greene accountable for abusive language against Boebert on the House Floor. Cleary, Kevin allows Marjorie to play by a different set of rules than everyone else, adding to the growing speculation that McCarthy and Greene are secret lovers.

Polling shows a majority of GOP voters want Biden impeached. McCarthy and Greene are going against the wishes of the GOP’s leader and voters.